Rebecca Cuthbert

  Rebecca Cuthbert

Rebecca Cuthbert

Adjunct Lecturer

Fenton Hall 242 Fenton Hall

(716) 673-3789

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M.F.A., West Virginia University

I am a Chautauqua County native with an MFA in Fiction from WVU. My interests include the Feminine Grotesque, dark humor, and narratives of the body. In addition to short fiction, I write poetry and personal essays.

Teaching Interests

I love teaching fiction and poetry, and I am constantly encouraging my students to approach the material from their own lives in new ways. I believe that good writing requires a lot of reading, experimentation, and hard work. I want my students to reap the benefits of all these things.

Research Interests

I find the Feminine Grotesque fascinating, and as I've said, narratives of the body (especially the "grotesque" body) pull me in again and again. I am also interested in the connection of place to the body and to history, and the way language shapes each of us.