Dr. John Staples

  Dr. John Staples, Ph.D.

Dr. John Staples, Ph.D.

Professor (UUP Board Secretary)

Thompson Hall E313 Thompson Hall

(716) 673-4665

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Ph.D., University of Toronto

Teaching Interests

Russian and Soviet history.

Research Interests

Ethno-cultural and ethno-religious minorities in Tsarist Russia, with particular emphasis on Mennonites

Intellectual Contributions

  • "Patterson, Sean. Makhno and Memory: Anarchist and Mennonite Narratives of Ukraine’s Civil War, 1917-1921. Reviewed by John Staples," Mennonite Quarterly Review (2021).
  • "Transformation on the Southern Ukrainian Steppe: Letters and Papers of Johann Cornies, Volume II: 1836-1842," University of Toronto Press (2020).