Dr. Stephen Kershnar

Stephen Kershnar is a distinguished teaching professor in the philosophy department at the State University of New York at Fredonia and an attorney. He focuses on applied ethics and political philosophy. Kershnar has written one hundred articles and book chapters on such diverse topics as abortion, adult-child sex, hell, most valuable player, pornography, punishment, sexual fantasies, slavery, and torture. He is the author of ten books, including Desert Collapses: Why No One Deserves Anything (2021), Total Collapse: The Case Against Morality and Responsibility (2018), and Abortion, Hell, and Shooting Abortion-Doctors: Does the Pro-Life Worldview Make Sense? (2017).

Teaching Interests

1. Applied Ethics (Abortion, The Good, Torture)
Property Rights, The Good, and Torture)

2. Metaphysics (Metaphysics and Autonomy)

3. Philosophy of Law (Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Civil Law, and Philosophy of Criminal Law)

4. Political Philosophy (Political Philosophy, Distributive Justice, Property Rights, and Libertarianism)

Research Interests

Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Law, Political Philosophy