Dr. Michael Clarkson-Hendrix

  Dr. Michael Clarkson-Hendrix

Dr. Michael Clarkson-Hendrix

Assistant Professor (Program Director Social Work)

Thompson Hall W363


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Ph.D., University at Albany, SUNY

Michael Clarkson-Hendrix, PhD, LCSW-R is an Assistant Professor of Social Work in the Department of Sociocultural and Justice Sciences at the State University of New York at Fredonia. Dr. Clarkson-Hendrix's research targets the intersection of behavioral health, psychiatric disability, and social welfare, particularly social welfare as it relates to employment and workforce development. Dr. Clarkson-Hendrix has extensive practice experience in the areas of behavioral health and child welfare.

Office Hours

Monday: 10am-12pm
Thursday: 1pm-3pm
By appointment

Teaching Interests

Research and program evaluation, Health, Disability issues, Interprofessional and Transdisciplinary practice, Addictions, Clinical practice, Lesbian / Gay / Bisexual / Transgender Issues, Social work with veterans and their families, Rural issues.

Research Interests

Health, Disability, Organizations & Management, Mental health, Military service members, Veterans and their families, Research design and measurement, Research on social work education, Social work practice, Substance misuse and addictive behaviors.


  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Current Research

  • An Investigation of the Connection Between Workplace Attachment and Organizational Retention in Rural Health Care Providers

Professional Membership

  • The Network for Social Work Management
  • Council on Social Work Education
  • Society for Social Work and Research

Intellectual Contributions

  • "Mixed Methods Evaluation of a Movement and Mindfulness Empowerment Workshop for Adults with Serious Mental Illness," Advances in Social Work (2021).
  • "A Mixed Methods Examination of MSW Student Satisfaction with Integrated Behavioral Health Field Placements," Advances in Social Work (2020).
  • "Curriculum Implications for Collaborative Practice From Veterans Health Care Sector Social Workers Serving OIF/OEF Veterans ," Journal of Social Work Education (2019).
  • "Parenting stress of grandparents and other kin as informal kinship caregivers: A mixed methods study," Children and Youth Services Review (2016).


  • "Leveraging managerial support to reduce burnout in social workers on interprofessional health and human service teams: Harnessing the power of collaboration," Forward Thinking Summit (2021).
  • "Examining the role of interprofessional collaboration on burnout: A mixed methods study of social workers at a single medical campus in the Veterans Administration hospital system," 25th Annual Conference (2021).
  • "Examining Interprofessional Collaboration and Burnout in Health Care Social Workers: Curriculum Implications," 66th Annual Program Meeting (2020).
  • "Workplace Attachment in Veterans Health Care Sector Social Workers," 65th Annual Program Meeting (2019).
  • "Looking Forward: Education Implications from the Empowerment Through Movement and Stillness Workshop," 65th Annual Program Meeting (2019).
  • "Attending to Attaching Work Experiences as a Strategy to Manage Workplace Retention of Social Workers," 30th Annual Management Conference (2019).
  • "Reducing voluntary turnover: Educating future supervisors about contingencies of workplace attachment security," 64th Annual Program Meeting (2018).
  • "Teaching interdisciplinary collaborative practice through an example: Educational implications from The Empowerment Through Movement and Stillness Workshop," 51st Annual Conference (2018).
  • "Individual and cohort correlates of relationship discord," 22nd Annual Conference (2018).
  • "Secure workplace attachment: A qualitative study of relational and social contingencies," 22nd Annual Conference (2018).
  • "Workplace attachment: An organizational perspective to address the health gap," 63rd Annual Program Meeting (2017).
  • "Closing the Health Gap Through Resource Management: A Workplace Attachment Perspective," 28th Annual Management Conference (2017).
  • "Workplace Attachment in Veteran Health Care Sector Social Workers: A Qualitative Study," 21st Annual Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR) Conference (2017).
  • "Serving OIF/OEF/OND Veterans through Collaborative Practice: Implications for Education," 62nd Annual Program Meeting (2016).