summer music festival voice class

Honors Solo Vocal Camp Activities

Vocal and Physical Warmups: Our bodies are our instruments, and we need to keep them limber and energized to do our best singing. Led by our voice faculty, these sessions are designed to help free up the body so that we can do our best singing.

Text/Voice/Piano: The more independent a singer can be in terms of learning a piece of music and collaborating with pianists, and the better they understand and connect with the texts they sing, the better an artist they will be.  These sessions will help us to develop new strategies for analyzing, practicing, and performing new pieces of music. Students will be given a song to learn in advance of the camp, as well as materials to help htem learn it on their own.

Acting: Whether singers are standing in front of a set in costume, on stage with an orchestra, in recital, at a competition, or even in a less formal setting, they are communicators.  These session help us to better use or faces and bodies to communicate the songs we sing.

Opera Scenes: Each singer will participate in a scene from the light opera or operetta repertoire, to be presented at the end of the week in concert. These scenes will be rehearsed and directed by our voice faculty. Students will receive hte scenes in advance of the camp, as well as materials to help them begin to learn it on their own.

Chorus: An important part of a singer's career can be singing with others, whether that means choirs in school, at a church, a professional group, or singing in the ensemble of a musical, operetta, or opera.  In these situations, it is important to use good vocal technique, and use your best musicianship.  We will look at these skills while working toward the end-of-the-week choral performance on the final concert also featuring the band camp's ensembles.

Evening Concerts: Each student will perform in a master class, performing their own solo repertoire. There are also opportunities to see and hear the other members of the Summer Music Festival, counselors, and faculty in performance.

Private Lessons: Each member of the Honors Solo Vocal program will receive two half-hour lessons through the week, in which our voice faculty will help to apply the principles learned in our other sessions one-on-one, tailoring the instruction for the individual student.

Meals: Meals will be served in one of our campus dining facilities, and camp meal planning is supervised by the Faculty Student Association. Cranston Marche is an All-You-Care-To-Eat dining facility that offers campers a variety of choices including vegetarian and vegan choices. 

Recreation: Free time is built into every day, which students can use to practice, read, relax, or participate in the organized group activities with counselors and campers of the Summer Music Festival.


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