International Student Welcoming Ceremony

International Tuition & Fees

International Tuition, Fees, and University Charges

Per Semester Costs

Tuition* (non-resident, semester) $8,490.00
Fees $845.00
Room $3,900.00
Board $2,865.00
International Fee** $180.00

Annual Costs

Tuition* (non-resident, annual) $16,980.00
Fees $1,690.00
Room $7,800.00
Board $5,730.00
International Fee** $180.00
ANNUAL TOTAL $32,380.00

We currently require international applicants to document $32,000 for their first year of room and board, tuition, fees and meal plan in order to be eligible for the I-20.

*All rates are subject to change by the SUNY Board of Trustees prior to the start of the semester.
Does not include travel expenses.

**This is a one-time fee assessed the first semester the student attends.



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