International Student Welcoming Ceremony

International Tuition & Fees

2023-24 Yearly Costs at Fredonia

Fredonia is committed to assisting students and parents in making it as affordable as possible. When you’re preparing to apply for financial aid, it’s helpful to know approximately what your costs will be. The chart below will serve as a guide for estimating your full-time education costs at Fredonia.*

Billed by the Student Accounts Office

  NY State resident - Undergraduate, Annual Out-of-state resident or International - Undergraduate, Annual NY State resident - Graduate, Annual Out-of-state resident or International- Graduate, Annual

$7,070 $17,490 $11,310 $23,790
Fees $1,701 $1,701 $1,701 $1,701
Housing $8,200 $8,200 $8,200 $8,200
Food $6,990 $6,990 $6,990 $6,990
Total, Annual $23,961 $34,381 $28,201 $40,681

* Other non-billed costs, such as books and supplies, transportation and other personal expenses, may vary by student between $1,500 and $2,000 for an academic year. 

Please note that International students have an additional International Student fee of $180.00.


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