Literacy Education: Birth to Grade 12, MSED Sample Degree Map

The M.S.Ed.Literacy GradeBirth-12 program is for those who have N.Y.S.initial certification to teach early childhood, childhood, middle childhood or adolescence (secondary) education.

Admission Requirements

  • Cumulative GPA 3.0
  • Online application
  • Résumé
  • Statement of Intent(background and goals)
  • Recommendation letters(2)-prefer one from former professor/instructor and one from cooperating/supervising teacher
  • Undergraduate transcripts
  • DASA workshop

Background Preparation

  • Completion of a baccalaureate degree.

Enrolling in a graduate education degree at Fredonia will give you the opportunity to gain advanced theoretical and specialist knowledge. Studying with engaged faculty and participating in applied learning experiences prepare you to meet challenges and be successful in your profession. This degree plan map provides a sample pathway to graduation, and it can be used as a guide and a checklist for degree requirements. For complete information about this program, please consult the university catalog at:

Who to contact

Abigail Gloss

Sample Degree Plan

First Semester

Course Credits
EDU 574 Multicultural Children's Lit & Tech 3
EDU 579 Foundations of Literacy 3
EDU 513 Literacy in Content Areas 3

Second Semester

Course Credits
EDU 613 Literacy Interventionist Practicum II 3
EDU 554 Advanced Literacy Assessment 3
EDU 651 Issues and Research in Literacy 3
EDU 576 Field Experience 25 Hours 1

Third Semester

Course Credits
EDU 552 Introduction to Literacy Assessment 3
EDU 583 Literacy Interventionist Practicum I 3
EDU 570 Using Educational Research 3

Fourth Semester

Course Credits
EDU 659 Master's Thesis/Project Capston 3
EDU 628 Field Practicum 1


Fredonia’s Literacy program is intended for initially certified teachers interested in an advanced degree in teaching literacy to children from birth to grade 12. The content of the degree programs include extensive assessment training, field-based practicum and a literacy capstone project of the students' choice.

The Literacy Education: Grades 5-12 degree program includes 50 hours of field-based practicum.

This Sample Degree Map is based on the requirements published in the University Catalog.

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