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Ariel Davis with Dr. Susan McNamara
Ariel Davis with Dr. Susan McNamara

Ariel Davis (right) with Dr. Susan McNamara.

  • March 16, 2021
  • Roger Coda

Ariel Davis, a senior from Lockport, has been named the Honors Student of the Month for February. 

Ms. Davis currently serves as the CEO for Fredonia Enactus, a globally recognized student-run organization that uses entrepreneurial action to empower people, the planet and prosperity, where she has been involved since her first year at Fredonia.

School of Business Associate Professor Susan McNamara, Enactus faculty advisor, nominated Davis for this award, saying Davis “continually supports Enactus members as CEO, and walks and talks the values of diversity.”

Through Enactus, Davis has worked on various projects empowering young girls, creating a program to keep young professionals in Chautauqua County, and is now developing leadership and project management workshops for the campus. She has interned for the Women2Women North County Coaching Program and is now an active participant in that program. She also recently worked with the League of Women Voters to promote the right to vote.

While majoring in Business Administration: Marketing with a minor in Leadership Studies, Davis continues to maintain a strong GPA. In addition to being an active leader and participant in Enactus, Davis is on the Fredonia Dance Team and is currently interning at the Chautauqua County Land Bank, a nonprofit corporation in Dunkirk.

Davis’ favorite thing about Fredonia is “the community atmosphere. I love meeting new people from all walks of life and backgrounds. I have met some of the most amazing people here at Fredonia.” 

When asked what she liked most about the Honors Program, Davis stated that her favorite things about the program are the unique course options. The Honors course that meant the most to Davis was focused on racism around the world, taught by Department of History Associate Professor Emeritus Najia Aarim, which examined systems that oppress people globally. “Honors courses give you the opportunity to learn fascinating topics while being challenged as a student,” she said.

Challenging students is something the Honors Program strives for in offering various opportunities that go above and beyond the normal course requirements to enhance students’ experiences at Fredonia and to give them knowledge of the community and world of which they live. Davis is completing the Honors Program with her last class in Applied Leadership.

After graduating this year, Davis will pursue a career in the nonprofit sector, which is where her passion lies in empowering people and communities.

“I would like to thank Dr. Sue McNamara for being a guiding light for the last four years. She has helped me grow as a student, leader and a young woman,” Davis said. “Dr. Mac has been my biggest cheerleader with constant support pushing me to be my best. I appreciate her endlessly!”

The Honors Student of the Month Program is a collaboration between the Honors Program and the Honors House, which is part of the Office of Residence Life. This Honors award is in addition to the already existing Student of the Month program that began in 2003. Nominations of Honors students who embody the three pillars of the Honors Program (Learn. Lead. Live.) and who intentionally support the campus in honoring diversity, enhancing wellness and promoting career readiness are especially encouraged.

Recipients of the Honors Student of the Month award will receive a gift card to the bookstore and a certificate and have their name engraved on a plaque to hang in the Office of Residence Life. To learn more about how to nominate an Honors student for this award, please email the program. 

The Honors House and Honors Program appreciates the support of the Office of Residence Life for sponsoring this new program.