Audience members to star in Fredonia’s next Kaleidoscope Family Series event

Thursday January 17, 2019Doug Osborne-Coy
Cast members from the Nearly World-Famous DuffleBag Theatre.
Cast members from the “Nearly World-Famous” DuffleBag Theatre.

Imagine going to the theater to see one of your favorite performances only to wind up on stage in a starring role.

That’s just what will happen to for a few lucky audience members when Rockefeller Arts Center presents “Beauty and the Beast” on Friday, Feb. 1 at 7 p.m., in Marvel Theatre.

A production of DuffleBag Theatre, it will be a special, interactive version of the fairy tale classic.

The DuffleBag actors will begin the performance with the retelling of “Beauty and the Beast.” Just when the audience is enthralled by the story, a twist will be created ─ the narrator will invite an unsuspecting audience member on stage to play one of the main parts. He or she will be given a costume, props and guidance from the narrator during the performance.

Tickets are available through the Fredonia Ticket Office at the Williams Center, by phone at 673-3501 (1-866-441-4928) or online at

Since 1992, the “Nearly World Famous” DuffleBag Theatre has become one of the most celebrated companies in North America, thanks to its interactive storytelling productions.

Improvisation is the key to DuffleBag Theatre, because whatever the audience cast members do is incorporated into the show. Since the whole audience participates during the show in some way, the results are described a “captivating and hilarious.” With DuffleBag Theatre, it is said adults enjoy the performances just as much as the kids.

DuffleBag Theatre performs more than 450 shows a year at theaters, festivals, events and schools across Canada and internationally in the United States, Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei ─ where DuffleBag Theatre gave a command performance for His Royal Highness the Prince of Brunei.

It is the company’s 11th appearance at Rockefeller Arts Center.

The production is a Kaleidoscope Family Series event recommended for ages 6 and up. The series is sponsored by The Observer and the event sponsor is Dr. Antoinette “Annette” Lukasik, D.D.S. It is part of the Lake Shore Savings Season.

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