Business faculty pen article that advocates alternative to costly textbooks

Monday February 11, 2019Roger Coda
Drs. Lisa Walters and Reneta Barneva
Drs. Lisa Walters (left) and Reneta Barneva

Two faculty members in the School of Business, Drs. Reneta Barneva and Lisa Walters, have co-written “Integrating Open Educational Resources into Undergraduate Business Courses,” an article that proposes an alternative to traditional business textbooks, published by Sage Journal of Instructional Technology Systems.

The article deals with growing concern in higher education over the cost of textbooks in business courses and demonstrates that there could be a very viable alternative – Open Educational Resources (OER) – that can be seen as an effective replacement for traditional textbooks. In addition to reducing the cost of college materials, OER also creates an environment where sharing and collaboration among students and faculty is the norm.

Dr. Barneva, who is a professor and chair of the Department of Applied Professional Studies, and Dr. Walters, an assistant professor of Operations Management in the Department of Business Administration, share their experience in integrating OER into business courses and the results of the survey they conducted with students. Their work is meant to raise the awareness about the benefits of these resources and facilitate their integration into other business courses.

Professors from SUNY Buffalo State; Sapienza University, Italy and Shizuoka University, Japan were also co-authors of the paper.

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