Department of History students honored by faculty

Tuesday May 19, 2020Marketing and Communications staff
a history class

The Department of History faculty took the personal route to announce its scholarship and award recipients, virtually. See the video.

Scholarships, created through funds established in the Fredonia College Foundation, and recipients include:

Kim Korhummel Scholarship – Jeremy Saunders

William and Helen Chazanof Award – Katelyn Hammett

Joseph T. Gallagher Memorial Scholarship – Emma Falk

Zimmer History Scholarship – Amanda McDonough

Scholarship in Honor of Dr. Kenneth E. Cutler – Olivia Michalak

MacPhee Scholarship – Ashleigh Reinhardt

David H. Carnahan Scholarship – Christopher Pope and Mitchell Schapp

John J. and Helen B. Mancuso Scholarship (alumnus ’56) – Mikaela Mahaney, Mikaela Wilson (renewal), Al Nothem, Elizabeth Giglia and Michaela Preston

Also featured on the video were students named to the Phi Alpha Theta national honor society in history (featured in another article on the News website).

Also announced by faculty were Department of History awards:

Outstanding History Paper – Owen Cheeseman for his capstone essay, “Policing the Ill-defined.”

Outstanding History Majors – Mikaela Wilson and Ben Russo

Outstanding Social Studies Major – Jacob Felthan

The names of graduating seniors in history and social studies were also included in the video.

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