Geology students, faculty attend and present at 2022 Northeast Geological Society of America meeting

Roger Coda
student presents poster at conference

Sarah O’Leary (center) outlines major findings of her research project to attendees at the Geological Society of America Northeastern Section Meeting.

Students and faculty from the Department of Geology and Environmental Sciences attended and presented at the 2022 Geological Society of America Northeastern Section Meeting, a full in-person event held March 20-22 in Lancaster, Pa.

Sarah O’Leary, a junior majoring in Geology, with a minor in Chemistry, from Athens, presented her research, “Metamorphic conditions of a garnet-bearing gneiss from the high-pressure belt, western Grenville Province,” while Dominique Martello, a senior majoring in Geology, from Linwood, included her abstract “Pressure-temperature evolution of garnet-bearing blueschist in Central Qiangtang Block, Northern Tibetan Plateau.” Their research projects were supervised by Assistant Professor Wentao Cao, with support from the Costello Interplay Award of the Fredonia College Foundation to Dr. Cao and Professor of Visual Arts and New Media Tim Frerichs. 

Both students participated in the session “Tectono-metamorphic Processes at Convergent Boundaries: Insights from the Grenville Orogen, Northeastern North America, and Beyond,” co-chaired by Dr. Cao, along with colleagues from Wellesley College, Bowdoin College and U.S. Geological Survey.

SUNY Fredonia Emeritus Professor Gordon Baird gave two talks: “Tully formation and pre-Frasnian Genesee Group succession” and “Conneaut Group to basal Mississippian stratigraphic succession and geochronology, New York/Pennsylvania Borderland and Lake Erie Region,” and also co-authored three other talks in the session “Devonian of New York.”

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