Mainstage Series presentation of ‘Macbeth’ available online until Feb. 15

Doug Osborne-Coy
scene from production of Macbeth

A scene from the Fredonia Department of Theatre and Dance production of “Macbeth,” which is available for viewing online via the Department’s Youtube channel (Fredonia TADA) through Feb. 15 (photo by Donald Woodard).

One of the greatest plays in the Western canon has met with 21st century technology to come to life at Fredonia.

The Department of Theatre and Dance is offering William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” in a virtual format through Feb. 15 via the department’s Youtube channel (Fredonia TADA).

Director Paul Mockovak said it’s a work of which the department can be proud. Mockovak explained the Theatre and Dance production takes a unique approach to the Shakespeare classic.

“This is definitely a non-traditional concept, but I want to be reassuring that it is not an ‘off the wall’ one,” he said. “We give the witches greater power over the story with the use of witchcraft and magic. There are Druid circle monoliths which are their lair, elements of traditional garb and design combined with some more contemporary looks. My cast has taken to the concept and we have found many fantastic moments of interpretation as a result. It’s been both exciting and rewarding.”

Creating the finished product was also a unique process.

“We captured ‘Macbeth’ in a video format to put together for, in essence, a film. That said, making a film and shooting a video of a staged production are two different things. I like to call this a ‘hybrid telling of the story,’” Mockovak said. “As we were winding up, I was thinking, ‘Wow - this is something we can be proud of.’”

The production captures on video the telling of the story in a mix of outdoor and indoor locations as the department and its students dealt with the changing conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. It includes a foreword from Mockovak.

While the production is free for viewing, the department is asking viewers to consider making a "pay as you can" donation. Proceeds will go to offset the costs of this production in lieu of ticket sales and help produce works next semester. A link to donate can be found in the description section of the YouTube video and on the Rockefeller Arts Center website.

It is a Walter Gloor Mainstage Series event presented as part of the 2020-21 Lake Shore Savings Season.

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