McEntarfer, Iovannone co-write journal article on chosen name policies

Monday February 24, 2020Marketing and Communications staff
Drs. Jeffry Iovannone and Heather McEntarfer
Drs. Jeffry Iovannone and Heather McEntarfer

Department of English Associate Professor Heather McEntarfer and Dr. Jeffry Iovannone, who serves as coordinator of the Women’s and Gender Studies program, co-wrote the article, “Faculty Perceptions of and Experiences with Chosen Names Policies and Non-binary Pronouns," that has been accepted for publication in the journal, Teaching in Higher Education.

Results of their study showed broad support for chosen names policies and the use of non-binary pronouns, but also differences in the ways that transgender students and some faculty understood transgender identity and the experiences of trans students, Dr. McEntarfer explained.

The authors read the findings through two theoretical frameworks and suggest implications for faculty training opportunities. 

The journal can be accessed online.

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