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Dr. Jeanette McVicker
Dr. Jeanette McVicker

Dr. Jeanette McVicker

  • June 28, 2024
  • Marketing and Communications staff

Dr. Jeanette McVicker, a professor of English and coordinator of the Ethnic & Gender Studies program at SUNY Fredonia, presented a paper at the 33rd annual Conference on Virginia Woolf, held on the campus of Fresno State University in early June. 

Addressing the conference’s theme of “Woolf, Technology, Modernity,” the paper –– “Reimagining technē: Woolf’s meditative thinking and the role of 'Antigone' in 'Three Guineas' and 'The Years'” –– extends an aspect of her larger project that considers how Woolf utilized mourning to reimagine ethical thinking and practice. 

McVicker’s summer research includes drafting a chapter on “Woolf, philosophy and theory,” one of several chapters by noted Woolf scholars for a forthcoming "Routledge Companion to Virginia Woolf," edited by Benjamin Hagen, Shilo McGiff and Laci Mattison.

Her participation at the conference was supported by the Department of English and the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences’ travel fund.