Penzo named ‘Student of the Month’ for October

Friday November 22, 2019Roger Coda
Sean Penzo, with Jill Swanson, residence director
Sean Penzo with Jill Swanson, residence director.

Sean Penzo of Tully has been named the October Student of the Month by the Office of Residence Life.

He was nominated for the award by Jill Swanson, residence director of Hemingway Hall, because, “he just cares so much and asks for nothing in return.”

A senior Music Composition major, Mr. Penzo serves as a work study student in Hemingway, where he is available to assist all students and be supportive of his friends, resident assistants and the residence director.

A colleague describes his demeanor as calm and collected. On multiple occasions he has reached out to a student who needed a friend and has been there and given support.

It was noted that Penzo always sees the bigger picture, even during difficult or challenging situations, and understands that sometimes he has to do the hard thing, such as meeting for an hour with University Police, to help the community as a whole and get the resources needed by his friends.

When asked about his favorite things about the campus, Penzo described Fredonia as a “place that has challenged me and truly helped me grow as a musician and a person. I love the community here, we make music together, take on unique projects, and support each other. Fredonia is a place where I can learn so much, not just from the faculty but the other students, as well. It’s a place I can truly express myself.”

Penzo’s future goal is to “to be involved in many projects over the course of this year and into the next, I’m sure. I’m currently finishing a duet for tenor and baritone which will likely be performed next semester at a student composer’s concert. Follow Ethos New Music Society to stay posted on all the wonderful works coming out of the school of music.”

The Student of the Month program was implemented in 2003 to recognize students who are well-rounded, excel in their academics and contribute positively to the campus and community. To nominate a student, visit online.

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