Student teachers celebrate completion of studies with creative mortarboards

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students with handmade mortarboards

Seniors with handmade mortarboards.

Graduating seniors in the College of Education completed their student teaching experiences virtually, and celebrated its ending.

Fourteen young professionals, under the direction of Dr. Cynthia Smith, learned and demonstrated expertise in more than 15 distance learning technologies and developed/shared instructional materials (with students and teachers) across various platforms including Facebook, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Google Classroom, and Youtube. 

The group celebrated their accomplishments by creating their own upcycled graduation caps and posing for a group photo during their final Zoom session. They include: Katherine G. Adinolfe, Alyssa M. Bianchi, Anna J. Clark, Samantha R. Eklund, Brianna Elliott, Rosa A. Rodriguez, Mark A. Grover, Jacquelynn Long, Olivia R. MacWilliams, Shannon McCracken, Catherine E. Meadows, Gabrielle L. Miranda, Deziree L. Murphy and Kelly R. O'Hara.

students with handmade mortarboards



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