Summer internships are offered through incubator

Monday March 23, 2020Marketing and Communications staff
photo of the exterior of the incubator

The Fredonia Technology Incubator is again offering paid summer internships for Fredonia students advancing an entrepreneurial project.

The Third Summer Entrepreneurial Internship Program provides participating students a stipend for a non-credit bearing internship, lasting eight weeks. Individual students or student teams are encouraged to apply.

director working with interns
Director Chuck Cornell (center) works with interns.

In the first two years of the program, students have focused on video game development, advancing a startup, establishing a theater company and developing an investor pitch for a fashion startup.

Applications are available on the incubator website, by email or by calling (716) 680-6009. There are eight internships available for the summer’s program. The deadline for applications in May 15.

The program leverages the incubator’s Innovation Design Studio (the Studio). The studio was inspired by a groundswell of student interest in video game development, virtual reality, and other forms of interactive media that use and fuse the visual arts, animation, video recording, sound recording, writing and coding. The studio includes high-performance computers, specialized software, peripherals, and recording equipment for innovative cross-disciplinary collaborations and development.

The summer internship program serves as an applied learning opportunity for undergraduate students. The students will have access to space, equipment, mentoring and other incubator services. The program encourages and supports interdisciplinary entrepreneurial endeavors.

The summer interns are required to provide periodic reviews to incubator staff and mentors to ensure progress, to assess needs for support, and to provide reflection for the participants. The interns also conduct a final presentation or complete a project.

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