Child Protection Policy


The SUNY System-wide Child Protection Policy was passed by Board on June 17, 2014. The policy sets protocols and mandates for campuses to follow when SUNY has children in its custody, control, and supervision. Based on this mandate, the State University of New York at Fredonia (Fredonia) created an implemented the Fredonia Child Protection Policy.

Fredonia's Child Protection Policy

Governs conduct in the presence of children, ensures that a duty of care will be met in programs responsible for the custody, control and supervision of children (under the age of 17), and requires the reporting of child abuse. Fredonia Child Protection Policy

SUNY'S Child Protection Policy

The State University of New York (SUNY) Policy applies to any program where the custody control and supervision of children (under the age of 17) will be entrusted to the University, or to approved third parties conducting programs on (or off) University property.   SUNY Child Protection Policy

Conduct Standards

Fredonia employees, students, visitors and volunteers must act appropriately when in the presence of children. Individuals who manage programs and will at any time have custody, control and supervision of children must ensure they meet an appropriate duty of care for children's safety and well-being.

Reporting Requirements

Child abuse must be reported to University Police at 716-673-3333 immediately; whether suspected or witnessed. 

Online Training

The Child Protection Policy supports Fredonia’s commitment to protect the safety and welfare of children participating in campus or campus-sponsored events. The online courses are designed to help you to understand the obligations of employees, students, volunteers, and visitors under the policy, what to do if you witness or suspect abuse or inappropriate conduct toward a child, how the policy relates to programs and research involving children, and employee obligations when granting campus access to visitors.

Covered Persons must complete both the SUNY Child Protection Policy Training and the Fredonia Child Protection Policy Training. These courses are highly recommended for all University staff and faculty, and are REQUIRED for those who work with children as part of a University program or activity or through research or work activities.

The SUNY Child Protection Policy is comprised of the ten Powerpoint modules below. 

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