FRED team at their training weekend

Diversity Dialogues

About the Facilitators Reimagining Equity and Diversity (FRED) Initiative:

The FRED team is a resource group compiled of administration, faculty, and students working towards making the Fredonia campus, including its individual departments and student groups, more open and accepting of all who wish to further their education here. The FRED team will continue to work with the university and its students to encourage intergroup dialogue, increase cultural awareness, and lead the charge in reimagining the Fredonia experience. The FRED team also works very closely with the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, not only to educate, but to prevent prejudice, discrimination, and oppression against all people, both on campus and in the community. Its ultimate goal is to contribute in creating a campus climate that is favorable to the development of human potential through acceptance and understanding, not just compliance. The FRED team also aims to break down communication barriers through the facilitation of campus workshops and discussions.

FRED team at a training weekend


Overcoming our Social Divisions

Dialoguing about Race

Improving Race Relations through Dialogue

Dialoguing about Gender in the Me Too Era

Transforming our Campus Community through Conversations, Diversity, Divisions, and the Place for Dialogue

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Fatihath Assani

     Residence Hall Director, Residence Life

Naomi Baldwin

     Director, Office of International Education

Inderdeep Bawja 


Christina Carissimo

     Graduate Assistant, Library

Simon Duncan


Dawn Eckenrode

     Director, Professional Development Center

Natalie Gerber

     Professor, English  

Sage Golisano


Kevin Hahn

     Associate Director, Residence Life

Judy Horowitz

     Associate Provost Graduate Studies, Sponsored Research, Faculty Development

Kate Huff

    Assistant Director, Admissions

Andy Karafa

   Dean, Liberal Arts and Sciences

Timothy Kim


Saundra Liggins

   Interim Director of Diversity

Felicity Lopez


Heather Martin

   Instructional Support Associate, Finance and Administration; Coordinator, Human Resources    

Jun Meng


Jenn Michalek

  Development Associate, Fredonia College Foundation

Pilar Nelson

  Residence Hall Director, Residence Life    

Toluwani Oloke

    Assistant Professor, Communication

Angela Pucciarelli Rice

    Staff Associate, Athletics and Recreation   

Carmen Rivera

     Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences; Associate Dean, World Languages & Cultures; Director, Interdisciplinary Studies

Richard Sanders

   Residence Hall Director, Residence Life

Monica Simpson

  Residence Hall Director, Residence Life

Timothy Snider

     Student; Resident Assistant

Christine Wagner

    Lecturer, Psychology

Andrea Wasiura

    Web Development Manager, Marketing and Communications

Julie Williams

    Clinic Director, Communication Disorders and Sciences

Erin Willis

    Assistant Director Study Abroad, Office of International Education


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