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Inclusive Teaching

Inclusive teaching refers to pedagogy that strives to serve the needs of all students, regardless of background or identity, and support their engagement with subject material. Hearing diverse perspectives can enrich student learning by exposing everyone to stimulating discussion, expanding approaches to traditional and contemporary issues, and situating learning within students’ own contexts while exploring those contexts. The Professional Development Center is pleased to sponsor faculty-led learning communities on the topic of Inclusive Teaching. Please contact with inquiries regarding hosting a learning community for your department.  

Award Programs

Faculty Summer Research and Creativity Award 
Carnahan-Jackson Humanities Fund
Robert W. Kasling Memorial Lecture Award
William T. Hagen Young Scholar/Artist Award
FSA Program Funding Grants
NYS/UUP Joint Labor-Management Committee Individual Development Awards
Kraus/Fredonia Conversations in Disciplines Award

Connections Mentoring

The purpose of Connections is to assist new or mid-career faculty and professional staff with adapting to and growing throughout their lives as members of The State University of New York at Fredonia community. At the same time, mentors receive personal and professional satisfaction via involvement with his/her mentee. Connections will help to retain faculty and staff and foster their professional growth.

Diversity Dialogues

The FRED team is a resource group compiled of administration, faculty, and students working towards making the Fredonia campus, including its individual departments and student groups, more open and accepting of all who wish to further their education here. The FRED team also works very closely with the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, not only to educate, but to prevent prejudice, discrimination, and oppression against all people, both on campus and in the community. Its ultimate goal is to contribute to creating a campus climate that is favorable to the development of human potential through acceptance and understanding, not just compliance. 

Faculty Recognition Reception

Every April, Fredonia fête faculty accomplishments at the Annual Faculty Recognition Reception. At this event, we recognize faculty who have been promoted, tenured, granted sabbatical, and awarded campus honors. Fredonia will recognize the faculty's research, scholarship, and creative activities with a PDF publication, which will be distributed widely.

Faculty Writing Retreats

PDC faculty writing retreats invite faculty to join their fellow writers for one-day events held throughout the academic year, designed to hold participants accountable for their writing progress and goals. Enjoy a comfortable and quiet workspace, ample coffee, nourishing lunches, and the feedback and encouragement of colleagues. 

New Faculty and Staff Orientations

The Professional Development Center provides new faculty and staff with the services and support needed for each of them to thrive as a person and as a professional while at Fredonia. Beginning with our orientation programs, the stage is set for delivering a comprehensive professional development program that helps introduce new members of the campus community to Fredonia's culture as well as begin (or continue) the process of professional growth.

New York Times in Education

Students, faculty, and staff can access The New York Times digitally for the first time and set up a new account by visiting  See Programs, New York Times in Education, for registration information.

OER Initiatives

When courses run with OERs, we individualize student learning experiences, while saving students money.  There are many great resources to learn more about OER using the Reed Library's resource guide.

Cultural Competency Institute

The mission of the Cultural Competency Institute is to engage community leaders in creating a more inclusive campus atmosphere. Fredonia is dedicated to fostering a learning environment that cultivates respect for differences and prepares students to live and work productively in a culturally diverse and globalized society. The Cultural Competency Institute is a cohort-based, year-long series to cultivate an inclusive mindset and positively impact participants' communities.

For Secretarial and Clerical Staff

We now have a mentoring program available to all secretarial/clerical staff on campus.  You don't have to be a new employee to take advantage of our mentor's valuable knowledge of Fredonia.  They are ready and willing to answer your question or point you in the right direction.  Please visit the For Secretaries page to find out more about the program, and see a list of mentors and information regarding professional development opportunities throughout the year.

Professional Development Center (PDC)

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