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Professional Development Center Mission

The State University of New York at Fredonia Professional Development Center strives to meet the professional development needs of all Fredonia employees by coordinating and providing educational opportunities for faculty and staff at various stages in their careers, and providing consultation and training opportunities. The Center's goal is to provide a centralized location for collecting and disseminating information about professional development opportunities taking place on campus and beyond. The Center is committed to fostering a culture in which knowledge and expertise are shared among diverse constituencies and will provide a gathering place in which this dialog can occur.

Establishing the Professional Development Center

In 2006, the Fredonia Plan introduced 21 action items designed to further improve campus performance. Action item #3 of the Fredonia Plan called for the creation of a center that would assist faculty, professional staff, and teacher candidates to further improve and add new dimensions to what they already do in the classroom and in designing courses, programs, and curricula.

In the fall of 2007, the Vice President of Academic Affairs formed the Professional Development Center Committee to research, identify campus needs, and make recommendations for a Professional Development Center. Through a series of surveys and open forums the Professional Development Center Report was written, making recommendations for the hiring of a full-time Director and designing a physical space for the Center.


Dawn Eckenrode, MLS, Associate Librarian
Director, Professional Development Center

Kathleen Gradel, Ed.D., Professor
Liason for Professional Development and the First Year Program

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Professional Development Planning Committee

Established Spring 2018, Professional Development Center Planning Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Director of the Professional Development Center. 

The Planning Committee will assist the Director in  the planning and decision-making processes on the PDC’s annual programming and communicating the campus' vision for the Center, collecting feedback from the campus community regarding potential services and programming, and in the planning and decision-making processes as needed. Members of the Planning Committee will actively participate in and contribute to the Center’s programming, and will additionally act as spokespeople and advocates for the Center, raising awareness of the Center’s services on campus and encouraging colleagues to participate in and contribute to its programming.  

  • Faculty representative College of Visual and Performing Arts: Jill Reese
  • Faculty representative School of Business: Mark Nickerson
  • Faculty representative Education: Kathleen Gradel
  • Faculty representative College of Liberal Arts & Sciences: McLoddy Kadyamusuma
  • Professional representative from Finance & Administration: Sandy Noble
  • Professional representative from Enrollment & Student Services: Rachel Martin
  • Professional representative from Academic Affairs: Naomi Baldwin
  • Professional representative from Advancement, Engagement & Economic Development: Tracy Collingwood & Jonathan Woolson
  • Classified Staff representative: Caldwell Proper

Meeting Minutes:

Mission & Bylaws

Formerly the PDC Advisory Board (2007 - 2015)

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Reports, Annual Reports and Assessment Data:

Assessment Plan:

2020 - 2021

Annual Reports:

2017-2018 Annual Report

2016-2017 Annual Report

2015-2016 Annual Report

2014-2015 Annual Report

2013-2014 Annual Report

2012-2013 Annual Report

2011-2012 Annual Report

2010-2011 Annual Report

Teaching & Learning Conference Evaluation Data: 

"Teaching & Learning Conference Evaluation Data: 18-19

"Teaching & Learning Conference Evaluation Data: 17-18

"Teaching & Learning Conference Evaluation Data: 16-17

"Teaching & Learning Conference Evaluation Data: 15-16

"Teaching & Learning Conference Evaluation Data: 14-15

Programming & Registration Data: 

All PDC sponsored and co-sponsored events:
2017-2018: 143 events /1,171 registrations
2016-2017: 171 events / 979 registrations
2015-2016: 191 evemts / 1,533 registrations
2014-2015: 185 events / 1,661 registrations

Professional Development Day Attendance: 
2017-2018: 897 total attendees for all sessions
2016-2017: 691 attendees for all sessions

Teaching & Learning Conference Attendance: 
2018: 118
2017: 151
2016: 95
2015: 158
2014: 157

Evaluation of Professional Development Day: 

Professional Development Day Aggregate Evaluation Data: Fall 2014 - Spring 2018

Evaluation of New York Times Usage: 

Evaluation of New York Times Usage 16-17

Needs Assessment and Survey Data:

End of Year Impact Survey 13-14

Spring 2012 PDC "End of Year" Impact Survey

Sample Workshop Evaluation Template

Award Reports: 

Instructional Incentive Award for Applied Learning 17-18

Faculty Summer Research & Creativity Award 14-15

Planning Documents:

Fall 2012: Overview of the Professional Development Center's Planning, Programming & Services

Spring 2008: Professional Development Center: Summary of Campus Feedback and Final Report

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