Questions and Answers

Q. Why do we have the Trademark and Licensing Program?

A. The University's trade names and trademarks are valuable assets and are considered part of the University's property. They must be protected from unauthorized use or misuse.

Q. Who must follow these guidelines?

A. All campus offices, departments, organizations and associations who wish to use the University's name, trademark, logos, symbols or any other association with the University. Examples include all students, faculty, staff, alumni and athletic, intramural and recreational groups, Spectrum and Little Sibs.

Q. How do I know I am dealing with an approved vendor?

A. Always ask your vendor if he/she is licensed to produce Fredonia trademarked items.

Q. What kind of items are covered by the trademark and Licensing Program?

A. All items that bear the University's name, trademark, or logos. Symbols or any association with the University. Some of the most popular items include t-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball, caps, mugs and glasses.

Q. What is anti-sweatshop?

It is the policy of the State University of New York and Fredonia to require contractors, subcontractors and licensees to certify to the adherence by manufacturers to fair labor standards in connection with working conditions, compensation, employee rights to form unions and the use of child labor. The policy applies to the procurement by state-operated campuses of the University and their campus-affiliated organizations, including but not limited to Auxiliary Services Corporations. The policy applies to purchases that involve the University designs, trademarks, service marks, logographic symbols and other indicia that are utilized in the manufacture of such goods or sports equipment. This policy was established in 2009.


Document 7559 – Anti-Sweatshop Policy

Document 7560 – Anti-Sweatshop Procedure

Certification of Compliance with Fair Labor Conditions