Trademarks and Licensing

October 2017

To the University Community:

This memorandum is sent to acquaint you with the State University of New York at Fredonia's trademarks and licensing program. A comprehensive and organized trademarks and licensing program provides direction and assists in protecting Fredonia's image. The campus Trademarks and Licensing Committee provides program oversight to assure that campus constituents and vendors follow approved procedures. Trademarks apply to all physical items associated with any campus promotional, recognition, social, special event, or fundraising project sponsored by any campus office, group or organization.

The Fredonia Trademarks and Licensing Committee is formally charged with enforcing program procedures, guidelines and relevant state policies. Members of this committee ensure that only licensed vendors are used for reproduction of any trademark-protected materials.

Committee members are:

  • Jeff Woodard (Co-Chair), Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Jerry Fisk (Co-Chair), Director of Athletics
  • Patricia Feraldi, Director of Alumni Affairs
  • Darin Schulz, Executive Director, FSA
  • Rachel Martin, Assistant Director, Campus Life
  • Cory Bezek, Executive Director of Enrollment
  • Jennifer Michalek, Development Associate, Fredonia College Foundation
  • P.J. Gondek, Assistant Athletic Director
  • Katie Thies (Program Coordinator), FSA
  • Erin Ehman, Communications Designer, Marketing and Communications

If you are an advisor to a group or a member of an organization or department that plans to order any Fredonia items such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps, mugs, athletic gear or other pieces of memorabilia, please share this trademarks and licensing information with all of the members of your organization.

Your cooperation in adhering to university trademarks and licensing procedures is greatly appreciated.


Fredonia Trademarks & Licensing Committee