The Licensing Program




Approved names, subordinate names, seal, marks and logos, school colors, trademark designations and institutional image.

  1. Official Name
    There are two approved names for the university, as follows:
    The State University of New York at Fredonia
  2. Alternate Name
    Other subordinate name that may be used is:
    Blue Devils

    No other abbreviations or acronyms are approved to identify the University.
  3. Official Seal
    There is one and only one approved university seal, which bears the date 1826. There are two common variations of the official seal (shown below). The seal may be reversed from a dark field in some applications.

    Official Fredonia seal
  4. Marks and Logos
    There is one and only one approved University logo (shown below). Alterations of the logo are not permitted. Color variations require the approval of the University Creative Design Office.
    Fredonia logo


  5. School Colors
    The official school colors are royal blue (PMS-286) and white.
  6. TM Designations
    The TM designation indicates a protected trademark. It must be used in conjunction with all logos and marks identifying the University. Typically the small TM should be placed in the lower right hand corner, adjacent to the mark.
  7. Institutional Image
    Fredonia marks may not be used in conjunction with references to alcohol or drugs. Additionally, any use of the University identification device that contains explicit sexual references or detrimentally reflects on the University image is not approved.


The following procedures apply to only items being purchased and/or produced which bear Fredonia identification names and/or devices.

  1. Design Approval
    The design for the imprint on the items(s) you are ordering must be approved by the Creative Design Office before your order is placed. The vendor producing your item(s) should not proceed until design approval has been obtained. If your design is approved the art will then be stamped and numbered and you may then get to your vendor. If it is disapproved, you will be told why. Once your design has been corrected, you may re-submit it for approval. If your vendor is designing the imprint for you, he/she must submit the proposed design for approval prior to manufacturing your Item(s).
  2. Vendors
    Only properly licensed vendors are permitted to produce items bearing Fredonia identification devices. Listings of licensed vendors are available in the FSA office and on our website. Always ask your vendor if he/she is licensed to produce university trademark items.
  3. Orders
    All trademark merchandise orders must be placed according to the policies and procedures of your purchasing authority.
  4. Royalties
    Standard royalty rates apply to all trademark items which are being sold above their initial cost. Royalty rates change annually. Please contact the Office of Trademarks and Licensing for the current royalty rate.
  5. All items must be purchased from a licensed vendor. The approved vendor list is available in the FSA Office in Gregory Hall and from the university website.
  6. What items can you purchase?
    You can purchase only those items from a licensed vendor that have been approved by the Fredonia Trademark and Licensing Office. Each licensed vendor has an approved list of items they can sell which bears the institutions name, seal, marks and logos. Pick from this list of approved items.

The Purchasing Procedures

All orders must be processed according to the following procedures.

  1. Use an Approved Vendor
    1. Department office, organization or company calls a licensed vendor to initiate an order.
    2. Vendor sends completed "Compliance and Royalty Exemption Form," with attached artwork to FSA Trademark and Licensing Office.
    3. FSA Trademark and Licensing Office reviews and approves the form and sends a copies back to the vendor and the initiating office, organization or company.
    4. Department, office, organization or company processes Purchase Order and attaches a copy of the approved "Compliance and Royalty exemption Form", approved artwork, and anti-sweatshop paperwork (if applicable).