Dr. Natalie Gerber

Dr. Natalie Gerber

Dr. Natalie Gerber


276 Fenton Hall

(716) 673-3855

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Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Natalie Gerber is professor of English at SUNY Fredonia, where she teaches courses in professional writing, editing, grammar, style, and 20th-century American poetry and literature. She also directs the Honors Program. She is passionate about helping students write their professional futures and achieve more than they thought possible. She has served on the executive boards of Poetry by the Sea: A Global Conference, The Robert Frost Society, and the Wallace Stevens Society, and has served as an associate editor of the Wallace Stevens Journal.

Office Hours

Tuesday: 12:30-2 p.m.
Wednesday: 4-6 pm (Starbucks)
Thursday: 12:30-2 p.m. (office)
by appointment

Teaching Interests

professional writing; grammar, style, and editing; history and structure of the English language; poetry and poetics; 20th-century American literature

Research Interests

rhythmic structures of the English language and of English-language poetry; linguistic and cognitive approaches to literature; versification; Global Englishes; intonational phonology and poetic structure; the structure and history of the English language; 20th-century American poetry

Awards and Honors

  • Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Faculty Service, SUNY System (2023).
  • 2023 Honorary Member of Fredonia's Alma Mater Society, Alma Mater Society (Student Association) (2023).
  • William T. and Charlotte N. Hagan Young Scholar/Artist Award, Kasling Committee, SUNY Fredonia (2016).
  • Honorary Member, Golden Key National Honour Society (2015).
  • John N. Serio Award for Best Essay, Wallace Stevens Society (2013).


  • Certificate

Professional Membership

  • Robert Frost Society
  • Wallace Stevens Society
  • Modern Language Association

Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Programs

  • "2020-2021 Writers@Work: Alumni Writers-in-Residence Series," N/A (2020).
  • "2019-2020 Writers@Work: Alumni Writers-in-Residence Series," N/A (2019).

Intellectual Contributions

  • ""A sense of being linked with people": Poetry, listening, intonation," Springer Nature (2022).
  • ""Aesthetics, Poetry, Art, or Blondes": Why Stevens's Letters Don't Theorize Rhythm," Wallace Stevens Journal (2021).
  • "Robert Frost Review (29)," Robert Frost Review (2019).
  • "Prosody: Alternative Histories," Stanford University's Arcades Project (2018).


  • "“‘aesthetics, poetry, art, or blondes’: Why Stevens' Letters Don't Theorize Rhythm"," “Yours Sincerely, Wallace Stevens” (2019).