Interdisciplinary Studies Self-Design Information

Self-Design Major information

Some undergraduate students at Fredonia want to design their own major. Sometimes the student just cannot find the perfect program at Fredonia, but wants to combine two or more of the excellent programs offered here on campus. Occasionally, a student discovers that they will not be able to graduate in the current program due to GPA restrictions and opts to combine the coursework already taken into a general education package. Either way, this is an option for students, although sometimes it can be a difficult one to manage.

Every self-design major student must set up an appointment with Amy Marshall, Director of Academic Advising. She will explain all of the degree requirements for

  • the State University of New York
  • the general education program (College Core Curriculum or Fredonia Foundations)
  • specific Fredonia concerns, and
  • the concerns of the individual departments included in the program.

The following check list describes the specific requirements of the self-design major:

Check List for interdisciplinary Major Program

General Information for Degree Program

  • Title of Program
  • General description paragraph of the individualized degree program, including a statement of educational and career objectives
  • A paragraph explanation as to why these objectives cannot be met through existing interdisciplinary programs and/or traditional departmental majors, minors or concentrations
  • Names of two professors in major departments who will serve as advisors and sign the student into "major only" courses

Specific Requirements for Major

  • Proposed required courses for your major
  • Must be at least 36 credits
  • No more than 15 in one discipline
  • 24 credits must be at the 300-400 level
  • Possible internship with these guidelines: Maximum of 15 credits; only 6 credits can count toward the 300-400 level coursework list

Other University Requirements for Graduation

  • Minimum of 120 credits to graduate, out of which
  • No more than 45 can be in any one discipline
  • There must be an overall minimum of 36 credits at the 300-400 level
  • Must have a 2.0 overall GPA to graduate
  • Must complete the CCC program
  • During the last semester of the program, each student must submit a portfolio to the Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences outlining the following:
  • A general review of your program, including successes and disappointments
  • How the degree courses have provided the background for a future career
  • Three learning experiences that have impacted the individual's academic development

Self Design Minor Information

The self-design minor must contain between 18 and 21 credit hours, with no more than 9 credit hours from any one discipline. A minimum of 6 credit hours of coursework must be at the 300-400 level. Students in the minor may include an internship, but it will not fulfill the upper level requirement for the program (the internship must be in addition to the 6 credit hours at the 300-400 level). A portfolio is required upon completion of the minor. The portfolio follows the same basic requirements as the portfolio specs for the major, and must be submitted to the Office of Curriculum, Assessment, and Academic Support, located in Maytum Hall, room 810.

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