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Criminal Justice Program at Fredonia

The Criminal Justice degree program at Fredonia features an interdisciplinary curriculum that offers broad based knowledge of crime and delinquency. The curriculum includes courses in criminal law and procedure, crime theory, human deviant behavior, police science, security, corrections, statistics and research methods.

The Fredonia Difference

Fredonia offers the rich exchange of diverse ideas, interests and projects. You will be able to combine a major with a minor offered through our department (Anthropology, Sociology, Criminal Justice and Public Health) or other minors such as Communications, Psychology, Geographic Information Systems, or any other one of Fredonia’s outstanding programs to give you an edge in the competitive marketplace. A vast array of internship opportunities gives students real-world experience while working towards a Criminal Justice degree.

Career Opportunities for Criminal Justice

  • Juvenile justice
  • Court system administration
  • Law enforcement
  • Adult corrections
  • Rehabilitation
  • Probation and parole
  • Crime data analysis
  • Federal/state/local security

It's Different Here

High placement rates

Fredonia graduate are getting jobs in security, intelligence, Secret Service and others specialities


Fredonia offers opportunities to ride along with local police, learn process and procedure methods, and learn how people move from incarceration back into society.

Specialized policing

Opportunities to study across disciplines to learn specialized police methods, such as environmental, mental health, and corrections.

Student Story

Scott Aldinger

Fredonia allowed me to regularly interact with individuals of all different cultures and backgrounds, which has proved to be very useful in my new career. I have no doubt that attending Fredonia helped to set up my future for success.

Scott is currently an officer with the Niagara Frontier Transit Authority Police Department.

Scott Aldinger B.A. Criminal Justice Class of 2017

Why Criminal Justice at Fredonia?

Alpha Phi Sigma

Students can be involved in the national honor society for criminal justice majors and be recognized for academic excellence.

Active student club

Active student-run group that engages in extra criminal justice activities, included training sessions on Narcan and prep sessions for police exams.

Exceptional faculty

Learn from well-versed and diversely-educated faculty, and professionals who bring years of practical experience into the classroom.

Sample Courses

CRMJ 333 Criminal Investigations

This course involves the study of crime scene investigations. Emphasis on the procedural structure and strategic steps to be taken in securing the crime scene in developing a checklist of factors to be considered in a comprehensive investigation.

CRMJ 332 Homeland Security

The course involves the study of homeland security, mission and composition. Students will examine the various methods and institutions implicated in the quest to increase security and defend against terrorism. Consideration of the methods and practices for border security in the United States will be included.

SOC 364 Juvenile Delinquency

An examination of delinquent behavior and its distribution in society. Topical issues discussed include the juvenile justice system, theories of delinquency, and methods of social control of this behavior.

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