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Spanish Program at Fredonia

As a major in our programs, you develop linguistic proficiency and cultural literacy. With a deeper awareness of languages, you gain perspective in your role as an international citizen and understanding of the interdependence of nations and peoples.

The Fredonia Difference

Fredonia’s Department of World Languages and Cultures offers a variety of short and long term study abroad programs, where students can develop their language proficiency. Fredonia’s degree program in Spanish is designed to offer a balanced approach to the development of language skills and the acquisition of a broad and solid knowledge of the literature, culture, and civilization of the Spanish-speaking world. 

Career Opportunities for Spanish

  • Translation/Interpretation
  • Language analysis
  • Linguistics
  • Diplomacy
  • Civil service
  • Foreign service
  • Immigration/naturalization
  • Customs Intelligence
  • Security and Protection

Sample Courses

SPAN 313 Spanish Conversation

Oral-aural drills, conversational exercises to provide practice in understanding and speaking Spanish. Emphasis on improving pronunciation and fluency

SPAN 314 Spanish Composition

Writing colloquial and formal Spanish. Translations and free compositions.

SPAN 315 Readings in Spanish

The course will improve the student’s reading comprehension in Spanish through a varied array of texts, from social media to literature. The class begins with a study of what it involves reading in the language. The last part of the course will be devoted to literary texts and their analysis.

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