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World Languages and Cultures

With its interdisciplinary and global vision of a changing world, the Department of World Languages and Cultures contributes to the international education of students. It forms world citizens, able to interact responsibly with people and cultures in the United States and abroad. Students in our programs develop linguistic proficiency and cultural literacy. With a deeper awareness of languages, students gain perspective as an international citizen and a deeper understanding of the interdependency of nations and peoples.

Even if you take just a few courses, learning a language will make you more marketable in every career path, more culturally aware. Any position or self-employment enterprise is enhanced if you can communicate in a second language and you will be better prepared for the jobs in the current market and for those which still do not exist but will arrive in the future!

Also, it will equip you with “soft skills” very valued by employees, such as:

  • Critical thinking, independent thinking
  • Attention to details
  • Cross-cultural competency and awareness of cultural issues
  • Defining and analyzing complex problems
  • Oral and written comprehension
  • Communication skills: both ways, communicating and listening well
  • Improve the student's first language. Learning a second language increases vocabulary and eloquence, and gives a better understanding of different registers of formality and informality.

See more in the “Did you know?” section below.

  • We have a dedicated, enthusiastic, and rigorous faculty to support your learning.
  • We offer a variety of exciting courses in literature, linguistics, film, translation and cultural issues.
  • Students can select from over a hundred of study abroad programs offered by our department or through the SUNY system. Short- and long-term program are availble


Our Adolescence Education programs in French and Spanish prepare successful teachers, a career that is very in demand.

In the fall of 2018, the Foreign Language requirement at Fredonia changed. The updated policy can be found in the College Catalog.

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