German Program

Language instruction in German is currently offered regulary at the elementary level and on occasion on the intermediate level as follows:

  • GERM 115 - Elementary German I (3 Credits)- For students with no previous preparation
  • GERM 116 - Elementary German II (3 credits)- For students with one semester of college -level German or equivalent.
  • GERM 215 - Intermediate German I (3 credits)- Continues oral and aural training, broadens reading and listening comprehension.
  • GERM 216 - Intermediate German II (3 credits)- Increases student's ability to read, write, understand, and speak German.

The department also offers on a regular basis a course of German Film listed under LANG 385; it satisfies CCC requirements:

  • LANG 385 - German Film
    • This course presents an overview of German Film from the silent era to the present. Films shown will include important examples by Germany's most famous film makers such as F.W. Murnau, Fritz Lang, Riefenstahl, Fassbinder, Schloendorff and Wim Wenders among others. Discussions will allow exploration of themes related to German theater, history and politics. The students will develop an understanding of how German cinema evolved thematically and stylistically under often complex economic and political pressures. Students will become aware of the artistic movements which particular films reflect, the socio-political variables that influenced production, and the impact of non-German films on the German cinema. Approximately ten films will be shown, followed by class discussions. Assigned readings from Marc Silberman, German Cinema, Texts in Context and Gerald Mast, A Short History of the Movies, which are required, will be intersperced throughout the course. Emphasis will be placed on observational, analytical and writing skills. The course will be taught in English; no knowledge of German is necessary for students who are taking the course as GCP IIIB. There will be four writing assignments, four short tests and a final examination.