Spanish Bachelor of Arts Degree

The degree program in Spanish is designed to offer a balanced approach to the development of language skills and the acquisition of a broad and solid knowledge of the literature, culture, and civilization of the Spanish-speaking world.

The International Job Market

The student who wishes to work in international trade or business, in the diplomatic service, in government or international agencies, or social services should consider completing a double major or appropriate concentrations or minors in other areas, such as political science, economics, business, history, or social sciences. The demand for people trained in foreign languages and who understand foreign cultures is increasing. According to Money Magazine, many large multinational companies look for individuals with a global perspective, who have lived in a foreign country and speak the language. A major in a foreign language, especially when complemented by participation in a foreign study group or internship, can help prepare you for a number of interesting careers. A number of students at Fredonia choose to obtain a double major in foreign languages and another field such as economics, political science, history, business, or psychology. A double major can add to your marketability.

Majors are strongly encouraged to study for a semester or two in Spanish speaking countries to enhance their linguistic skills and develop their sensitivity and understanding of another culture. The department offers study abroad programs in Oaxaca and Puebla, Mexico and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Requirements for the Major in Spanish (B. A. Degree)

Student Organizations

Latinos Unidos (LU) - For more information, please see the Student Organizations tab on the left sidebar.

National Spanish Honor Society

Sigma Delta Pi

For more information, please contact Dr. Juan De Urda at

Foreign Language Scholarship

The Thomas Goetz-Robert Rie Foreign Scholarships for Excellence in Modern Languages are awarded each year to one or two of upper level undergraduate foreign language majors who demonstrate outstanding academic ability and are recommended by the foreign language staff to the chairperson of the Department of World Languages and Cultures. Financially these are very modest amounts, but very important to students for the recognition they bring to them for their personal achievements in the learning of a foreign language.



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