summer music festival band rehearsal

Middle School Band Camp Activities

  • Band: Middle School students participate in Symphonic Band, which will rehearse daily and perform on the final concert in King Concert Hall on Saturday.
  • Smaller Ensembles: Middle School students will also play in Woodwind Choir, Brass Choir, or Percussion Ensemble
  • Stage Band: Middle School Stage Band (jazz, musicals, popular music) will rehearse each day, and perform at the camp final concert. 
  • Festival Chorus: All students will participate in daily chorus rehearsals, leading to a performance at the final concert.
  • Evening Concerts: Fredonia School of Music faculty soloists and ensembles will be featured in evening recitals.
  • Electives: Students take two elective courses from the following: Music Theory, Popular Music, African Drumming, Tech in Music, Jazz Improvisation, and Miscellaneous Music Topics (stage presence, audition preparation, etc.)
  • Private Lessons: Students may arrange to take private lessons with festival faculty.
  • Meals: Camp meal planning is supervised by the Faculty Student Association. Cranston Marche is an All-You-Care-To-Eat dining facility that offers campers a variety of choices including vegetarian and vegan choices.  
  • Recreation: Camp counselors will lead many fun activities.

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