Educational Development Program (EDP)


What does EDP stand for?

EDP stands for Educational Development Program and prides itself with a rich history of success. EDP, also known state-wide as the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), is an academic support services program for underprepared and financially disadvantaged students. Students benefit from advising and financial support services as participants in this program. M

Purpose and Goal of EDP

EDP strives to serve the needs of those students who are capable of collegiate study but need assistance in developing their unexplored abilities. These students demonstrate the motivation and potential for academic success but do not have a traditional college orientation.

EDP Staff

The EDP staff includes a director, counselors, secretary, and peer advisors, who are committed to the personal and educational development of all students and strive to develop within each student a strong sense of responsibility, pride, and commitment for themselves.

EDP Motto: Going Above and Beyond

The acquisition of educational skills necessary to prepare students for competitive career and graduate school opportunities is accomplished only when students show a sincere interest and make a serious effort to be successful in their studies. This working relationship between the EDP staff and its students is exemplified by our motto, "Going Above and Beyond", where both work together to their fullest potential to achieve the student's ultimate goal.

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