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Tutors are available in most academic courses for you and other program students. The Educational Development Program's membership in the College Tutoring Services (CTS) has been especially valuable to program students who need to establish a strategy for success in certain courses. It is also used to help our honor students in maintaining competitive grade point averages. Some program students are encouraged to become tutors. Tutoring is of no cost, all that is required is cooperation and motivation. This tutoring is for students who desire tutoring on a regular basis, with a minimum of one hour per week. Students who seek occasional help with tutoring should go to the Leaning Center, located on the 4th floor of Reed Library.

To obtain a tutor, students need to fill out the tutee application from the EDP office within the first two weeks of classes or as soon as they feel they need help. This form includes the student's class, professor, textbook, and time period available for tutoring. Times for the tutoring sessions are set up between the tutor and tutee. If the student cannot attend a tutoring session, he/she should notify the tutor and the Learning Center as soon as possible. To terminate the tutoring service, students must first discuss the possibility with their EOP counselor and tutor. Sarah Chamberlain and Amy Masters were named 2014 Tutors of the Year. Amy is pictured with Mr. White, EOP Director

For additional information about the Learning Center visit their website: Fredonia Learning Center

Here's a list of the services EDP has to offer. Click on the link for details.


Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Office

  • E284 Thompson Hall State University of New York at Fredonia Fredonia, NY 14063

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