EOP Counseling

Each program student is assigned to an EOP counselor. Efforts should be made to keep in touch through drop-in visits, appointments, emails, and phone calls. The counselor's primary purpose is to assist you in successfully pursuing a baccalaureate degree. Serving as an advocate for your success, your counselor will assist you with individual concerns or problems and help you access college programs and services which will help you achieve your goals. A meaningful relationship with the counselor is established only when you maintain frequent contact and make an honest attempt to follow through on any recommendations which are offered. Regular meetings with your counselor through out the semester help to ensure that you are aware of current college resources, opportunities, and crucial deadlines that affect your survival at college. Your participation in the counseling process will help prepare you in setting life goals and examining personal responses and attributes. The basic purpose is to enable you to change any attitudes and behaviors which inhibit your success here in college. EDP students receive academic, financial, career, and personal advising services - Mr. Smith works with Nayla on her schedule

The EDP staff also works with Fredonia's Career Development Office in providing career counseling and assistance in applying to graduate or professional schools, as well as jobs and internships. Career counseling is designed to help students clarify their goals and make sound career decisions based on their individual interests, skills, experiences, and values. Assistance is also offered in resume writing, developing job search skills, and effective interviewing. Students are encouraged to take advantage of career fairs and speakers who can also provide valuable information about job opportunities. We also work closely with the university's Counseling Center making referrals of cases that need more specialized counseling.

In conjunction with the Internship Office in Gregory Hall (part of Career Development), the Educational Development Program offers information about participating in an internship. An internship maximizes experiential learning for students. Student have the opportunity to apply theories derived from courses in their major and put them into practice in a professional setting. These internships allow students to take personal responsibility in accomplishing educational goals while contributing to the campus and contributing to the campus and local communities while acquiring college credit toward graduation. An internship can prove to be an extremely valuable experience to any student's academic career. For more information please be sure to visit the following link: InternshipsCarmelito spent a semester in Australia.

Fredonia offers a number of study abroad programs open for most SUNY and non-SUNY students, from first year to graduate level. Usually, undergraduates study abroad during their junior year, but seniors, well-prepared sophomores and occasionally freshman are eligible. Study abroad is not for just language study anymore, students can take major coursework, minor coursework, upper-division electives, and CCC requirements while abroad.

Here's a list of the services EDP has to offer. Click on the link for details.

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