Scholarships and Awards

The honors program of the Department of History is designed to honor graduates of the History or Social Studies programs who have consistently demonstrated ability and produced work of high quality in the discipline. The honors designation is given to students who achieve an all-college average of 3.0; an average in history courses of 3.25; and who earn appropriate grades in HIST 499 (Senior Honors Seminar) and HIST 201 (Doing History). For more information on the honors program, contact the chairperson.

Congratulations to the 2017-18 Award Recipients!

Outstanding History Major

Joseph G. Marsala

Outstanding Social Studies Major

Peri M. Pearson

Outstanding History Paper

Joseph G. Marsala

Carnahan Scholarship

Trenten D. Merrill

MacPhee Scholarship

Rohan A. Smith

Zimmer History Scholarship

Owen D. Cheeseman

John J. and Helen B. Mancuso Scholarship

Rebekah E. Denz
Sebastian Guerra
Michelle L. Merrill
Hugh-Daniel E. Mosher
Mikaela M. Wilson
Dallas R. Zebrowski

Joseph T. Gallagher Scholarship

Jacob Burkholder

William and Helen Chazanof Scholarship

Rebekah E. Denz

Kenneth E. Cutler Scholarship

Nicholas C. Crampton

Kim Korhummel Scholarship

Jacob R. Feltham

Phi Alpha Theta Award

Austin Parr

Honors in Student Teaching

Benjamin Chatley
Austin Flower
Peri Pearson
Kelsey Tulipane

The Chazanof Award recognizes student work in local history

The MacPhee and Mancuso Scholarships are given to promising History or Social Studies majors who have attained junior rank.

The Zimmer Award recognizes a promising student with career plans in law or communications.

The David Carnahan Award is awarded to a freshmen history major.

The Joseph T. Gallagher Scholarship is named in honor of the Dept. of History's first African historian who passed away suddenly in 1988.  It is given to a student from an underrepresented group pursuing an education degree.

The department also annually recognizes an Outstanding History major, an Outstanding Social Studies major, and an Outstanding History paper.

Phi Alpha Theta, the history honor society, recognizes academic excellence.

The 2017 inductees of the Phi Alpha Theta honors society

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