Alumni Interview - Rohan Patrick

Article about Mr. Rohan Patrick


Originally from Brooklyn, Rohan Patrick was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design in May 1992 from Fredonia. He earned a Master of Fine Arts in Communications Design from SUNY Buffalo in August 1994 and a Master of Arts in Illustration from Syracuse University in June 2004.


Putting his artistic skills to use in a variety of places and ways, Rohan shared his knowledge as a teacher at the New York State Office of Children and Family Services, University of Bridgeport in Connecticut in art and design, and at SUNY Buffalo in their department of communications design and computer art. He has freelanced for clients such as Citibank/Citicorp, Jobson Publishing, Inc., Parade Publications, and Channell Communication, Inc. Job titles have included senior graphic designer at Columbia University, publishing design manager at The Wall Street Transcript, promotion design manager at Black Enterprise Magazine, and special publication design manager at Times-Herald Record. Starting his own independent business of design and illustration — —came about in 2005. He was with the Army National Guard from 1989-1997 as a supply/logistics specialist.


In the fall of 2008 Rohan moved back to the Fredonia area from Monticello with his wife and two of his three children to become the new owner/manager of local landmark, The White Inn. “I liked Fredonia and I don’t mind new adventures. I wanted to give back to an area that helped me when I was just starting out and establishing my identity,” said Mr. Patrick. “The White Inn is such an institution and has such a history. I’m hoping to be a good caretaker of the hotel and restaurant. With the help of the community and The White Inn staff, I’m looking forward to continuing and enhancing the tradition of excellence in hospitality that has been going on here since 1919.”


At Fredonia Rohan was on the college judicial board, a college ambassador, a resident assistant, and an orientation leader for incoming freshmen. He received EDP academic certificates and the Arthur O. Eve award. In the EDP exit interview for seniors when asked to share his strategies for success Rohan wrote, “Don’t limit yourself and set high goals and ignore people with negative attitudes.” Former Vice President for Student Affairs L. Michael Dimitri said in a reference letter for Rohan that “it will be a difficult task to find a student to fulfill the many roles and responsibilities he has assumed on campus. In talking to Rohan, he is quite modest about his accomplishments but, to be quite honest with you, his success as a student and as a leader can be attributed to his work ethic, motivation, and willingness to assume responsibility.”


The EDP staff welcomes Mr. Patrick back to the area after 17 years and is proud that he is fulfilling the program motto of “Going Above and Beyond.”