FOP mentors at welcome tent

Full Opportunity Program

The Full Opportunity Program is a Fredonia-based program for students who fall slightly shy of our traditional admissions criteria. In selecting students for the program, Admissions looks holistically at each applicant to determine his or her potential for success. Admissions decisions are based on a student’s ability to be academically successful in a rigorous college setting.

FOP is a vibrant support program designed to assist students in navigating their way through the college experience. Flexible, individualized and compassionate support from professional staff and peer mentors provides guidance for students as they develop a strong foundation for success.

Because we are committed to your success, the Full Opportunity Program offers a wide range of programs, services and support to help you have the most fulfilling experience during your time at Fredonia. Students will have the opportunity to take advantage of:

  • individualized tutoring

  • academic advising

  • guided study sessions

  • enroll in ENGL 100 (Craft of Writing) your first semester

  • FOP Mentoring for Success Program

Academic enrichment experiences and opportunities to connect with other students in the program will set you on your way toward an academically successful experience.


Kimberly Mead-Colegrove, FOP Director

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