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Academic Advising

FOP staff members provide support in all areas of academic advisement. We serve as a primary advisor for all Liberal Arts students and as a secondary advisor for all FOP students in a discipline.

We offer academic advising workshops to help students navigate the process of course selection and course registration, and help to explain how to navigate academic policies and procedures successfully.

Individual Guidance

FOP staff takes great care to meet FOP students where they are and support them on moving forward throughout each students’ journey while at Fredonia. We strive to provide individual guidance to students to assist them in reaching their goals. We also work with students on an as-needed basis and encourage them in developing academic skills such as study techniques, test taking strategies and time management. FOP staff can be the starting point for students to discuss career aspirations and determine an appropriate major. Through participation in support services, students are empowered to be responsible, engaged participants in their learning.

Individual Tutoring

Students in the Full Opportunity Program can receive, upon request, free tutoring assistance in any of their content courses. This means that a program student can have a one-on-one standing appointment with a peer tutor for one hour each week, for a subject that the FOP student feels they need extra support in. To request individual tutoring, please reach out to FOP staff as soon as possible. Requests are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

Free drop-in content tutoring is also available through College Tutoring Services.


Full Opportunity Program

  • Carnahan-Jackson Center Reed Library, 4th Floor Office 402B State University of New York at Fredonia Fredonia, NY 14063

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