Adolescence Education

B.S. Adolescence Education in Science

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Students pursuing certification in Adolescence Education in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science or Physics essentially get a dual major in adolescence education and their field of interest. These students are involved with coursework which is rich with science content, pedagogy and field work. Every year adolescence education science majors have education and science practicum with their field experiences and laboratory courses. In addition, a series of science education courses (SCED) have recently been developed specifically for the needs of adolescence science candidates.

All of the Adolescence Science Majors take the equivalent of a major in their area of certification in addition to educational foundation and science education courses.

Adolescence education science majors can augment their degrees with involvement in the Fredonia National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Student Chapter, Teacher’s Ed Club, Biology Club, Chemistry Club, Geology Club, Engineering and Physics Society or, as a member of the Science Education Partnership Student Advisory Council.

B.S. Adolescence Education in Biology – Content Core

B.S. Adolescence Education in Chemistry – Content Core

B.S. Adolescence Education in Earth Science – Content Core

B.S. Adolescence Education in PhysicsContent Core


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