Science Education Partnership

The Science Education Partnership consists of a group of science education and natural science faculty members who collaborate to develop and strengthen our science certification programs and science education courses.

Gordon Baird - Professor and Chair, Department of Geosciences

Krista Bellis - Lecturer, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Dr. William Brown - Associate Professor of Biology

Dr. Roger Byrne - Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Dr. Justin Conroy - Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Physics

Dr. Michael Grady – Professor of Physics, Chairman of the Department of Physics

Dr. Michael Jabot – Professor of Science Education, Director of The Institute for Research in Science Teaching

Dr. Holly Lawson – Associate Professor of Chemistry, Project Shepherd Fredonia Science Center

Dr. Kathleen Lesniak – Assistant Professor of Science Education

Kim Weborg-Benson – Lecterer Department of Geosciences