Computer Science students compete internationally

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For the last three months, the Global Data Compression competition was held at the Moscow State University, Russia, sponsored by Huawei Company.

There were 50 coders from several countries competing in 12 categories. The BWIC compressor developed by several SUNY Fredonia Computer and Information Science students since 2004 competed in three categories and ranked in the first 10.

The areas and the ranking of BWIC are as follows: 1. TEXT HCR Full -- ranked # 8. 2. Images, HCR Full, ranked #7. 3. Mixed Data, HCR Full, ranked #10.

Department of Computer and Information Sciences Professor Ziya Arnavut noted that the BWIC has been supported by several Fredonia students. Initially, Computer Science students Jeffrey Jones, Ryan Smith and Eric Penoyer worked on the compressor. Later, it was Basar Koc, and most recently, Aierken Shalayiding.  

Each person in the competition supplied the executables for the judges. There were around 50 executables submitted from several countries. Judges run the executables based on the areas that participants wished to compete. There were four areas with several different categorizes, Fredonia completed in three different areas.

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