Enjoy free ice cream by programming UP as a ‘favorite’ on your phone

Roger Coda
poster for the event with ice cream cones

Students are invited to meet members of the University Police Department and enjoy free ice cream at “Cones with a Cop” at University Commons on Wednesday, Sept. 21, from 5:30 to 7 p.m.

“University Police officers work hard to be an integral part of our campus community, and they care deeply about the safety and wellness of Fredonia students,” said Chief of University Police Brent Isaacson. To meet more students in a fun and relaxed environment, University Police is hosting "Cones with a Cop," an event where students will be served free ice cream by police officers. 

“The ‘price’ for the free ice cream is showing that you have UPD's 10-digit phone number, 716-673-3333, programmed into your phone as a ‘favorite’ or ‘speed dial’ and/or that you have downloaded the Rave/Guardian smartphone app,” Chief Isaacson explained. Calling UPD directly at 716-673-3333 will lead to a quicker response by UPD to an on-campus emergency, instead of calling 9-1-1.

University Police is always ready to help students at a moment's notice, especially if they contact UP directly. UP will host other similar events throughout the academic year to meet more students and provide important safety information.

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