Faculty and graduate students to conduct study of music-based interventions to lower stress

Roger Coda
two music therapists who are co-authoring study

Dr. Heeyoun Cho (left) and Dr. Naoko Yokuda Okamoto

School of Music Assistant Professor Heeyoun Cho will be assisted by three graduate students in the Music Therapy program in conducting a research study in the fall semester that investigates the effectiveness of different music-based interventions on college students’ stress management.

As research assistants, Jingchao Huang, Jinyeong Jeong and Warabi Matsuoka will gain knowledge and skills in compiling a research study as well as hands-on experiences in the research process and use of research methods, Dr. Cho explained.

Collaborating with Cho in the study will be Dr. Naoko Yokuda Okamoto, a visiting scholar at SUNY Fredonia through March 2023 and a clinical psychology professor at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan.

The effectiveness of music-based interventions – guitar instruction, singing and music listening – in reducing college students’ stress levels will be assessed in the study. Cho is currently recruiting students, except music majors, to participate in the study. See the following online link for more information about participating in the study.

The study is supported by the research award grant from Mid-Atlantic Region of the American Music Therapy Association and Ritsumeikan University. Cho plans to present the findings of the study at a conference and submit them to a peer-reviewed journal for publication.

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