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Frerichs book cover
Frerichs book cover
  • November 3, 2023
  • Marketing and Communications staff

An artist book lecture, “Material as Content” and a 10-day artist book workshop will be presented by Department of Visual Arts and New Media Professor Timothy Frerichs at Vilnius Academic of Art, in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Mr. Frerichs was awarded an Erasmus Plus Grant to support the presentation of his lecture and workshop to be held Dec. 5 to 15.

Timothy Frerichs
Timothy Frerichs

Frerichs was also invited to serve as one of six international jurors for the 10th International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2024, a unique non-commercial cultural project, to be held after the book workshop. This project consists of artist’s book exhibitions in Lithuania and from abroad, artist’s book conferences in Vilnius and artist’s book workshops. This year’s theme is “To be.”

The triennial serves to promote artist’s books and creators of artist’s books from all over the world while also connecting galleries, publishers, editors and printers of fine art and limited editions, the general public, collectors and individual artists.

Frerichs will convey his experiences at these events to students in his classes, as well as to students at the Vilnius Academy of Art. The international exchange of ideas, processes and pedagogical approaches is the goal of the Erasmus Plus Grant.

“The cross-cultural dialogue experience established through the workshop and artist lecture will directly and indirectly influence new approaches and curriculum in the classroom. It will, of course, enrich my ability to communicate with a variety of students with varying cultural backgrounds as well,” Frerichs said.

More information about the triennial is available online