A lasting legacy in the Rockefeller Arts Center

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Dance rehearsal in the Merrins Dance Theatre.

Dance rehearsal in the Merrins Dance Theatre.


Michael C. Rockefeller Arts Center
naming gifts

The following are named rooms in the Rockefeller Arts Center addition/renovation project, followed by the benefactors:

Dennis R., ’72, and Kathryn L. Costello Community Room

Dennis, ’72, (center) with President Virginia Horvath and Dean of the College of Visual and Performing Arts Ralph Blasting.

Harry John Brown and Paul W. Mockovak Dance Studio Lobby

Paul Mockovak, '77, (second from left) with President Horvath (far left), President Emeritus Dennis L. Hefner (second from right).

James and Marcia Merrins Dance Theatre

James and Marcia Merrins (center) with (from left) President Emeritus Hefner, President Horvath and Dean Blasting.

Paul and Mary Joyce Schaefer Acting Studio

Family and friends of Paul and Mary Joyce Schaefer.

Dennis R., ’72, and Kathryn L. Costello South Plaza

Dennis,’72, (center) with President Horvath, Dean Blasting and Fredonia Ambassadors.

Woodcliffe Connector (from Mason Hall to King Concert hall backstage)

Drs. Irene and James Strychalski (center) join Dean Blasting (far left) and President Horvath (second from right), to dedicate the connector in memory of Woodcliffe Orchestra members Tony Strychalski, Hank Ebert, Jack Barnes, Bill Ebert and many others.

Tom Castellana Scene Shop Supervisor’s Office

Professor Emeritus Stephen and Mary Rees (second and third from left) join Tom Castellana (third from right), to dedicate the office honoring Mr. Castellana’s service to the Department of Theatre and Dance from 1986 to 2006.

Albert E. and Lillian Uprichard Lobby, King Concert Hall

Carolyn and Edward Uprichard, '64, help dedicate the Uprichard Lobby in King Concert Hall.

Gail and Ted DeDee Administrative Offices

Ted DeDee, '71, (far right) and friendsincluding Rockefeller Arts Center Director Jefferson Westwood (far left) and Dean Blasting help dedicate the administrative offices in recognition of Gail (Andrews) and Ted DeDee.

Visual Arts and New Media Office

Professor Emeritus Daniel D. and Janet (Madej) Reiff, '73, with President Horvath in dedicating the office endowed by Dr. and Mrs,. and their sons, Nicholas A. and Michael C. Reiff, in Dr. Reiff's honor.

Theatre and Dance Department Office

Dr. John A., ’57, and Vice President Emeritus Joan L. Glenzer, with their daughter, Jana Goodrich, help dedicate the Deparment of Theatre and Dance Office.

Visual Arts and New Media Chair Office

President Horvath joins 2016 Fredonia College Council members (from left) Stephen Keefe, Richard Alexander and Chair Frank Pagno, in dedicating the Visual Arts and New Media Chair Office, endowed by the council.

Fredonia Beaver Club Community Rain Garden

Fredonia Beaver Club members endowed the new rain garden adjacent to the new studio complex with (far right) then-Fredonia College Foundation Associate Director of Development Rich Ryan, President Horvath and Dean Blasting.


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