Library display relives Winter Weekend celebrations

Roger Coda
photo of library exhibit on winter at Fredonia

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Or, when it’s winter in Western New York, why not celebrate snow at SUNY Fredonia?

Reason enough to assemble “Having Snow Much Fun at Fredonia,” a collection of over two-dozen black and white photos depicting Winter Weekend celebrations staged on the campus mostly in the 1950s and ‘60s.

“I wanted to do some kind of winter welcome back display for the students, a fun-in-the-snow kind of thing that highlights different aspects of campus life and events,” said Mandi Shepp, coordinator of Archives and Special Collections. She assembled the display, assisted by Pat Cummings-Witter, archives clerk.

Snow sculptures being created by students are well represented, portraying a swan, crocodile and a bird about to take flight, while student are also seen riding toboggans careening down hills. Also included are traditional scenes of snow-covered buildings and tree branches laden with snow

“My favorite is the big crocodile; with its tiny head it looks silly and out of proportion,” Ms. Shepp said.

Another admired one? How about the little engine that couldn’t? “It’s starting to melt, is kind of sad-looking, but it’s kind of fun,” Shepp added.

Ms. Cummings-Witter knew where to track down photos housed in University Collections and Records in the archives, Shepp said, and also hand-cut the paper snowflakes that grace the display case.

The display, located in the library’s exhibit area, can be viewed through March 15.

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