Sarmiento co-edits book examining Central American migration

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Dr. Ignacio Sarmiento

Dr. Ignacio Sarmiento

“Central American Migrations in the Twenty-first century,” a book tackling how Central America has been portrayed as a region profoundly marked by the migration of its people, is co-edited by Department of World Languages and Cultures Assistant Professor Ignacio Sarmiento.

Through an intersectional approach, the book, published by the University of Arizona Press, demonstrates how the migration experience is complex and affected by gender, age, ethnicity, social class and migratory status, among other variables.

Its 15 contributors carefully examine a broad range of topics that include forced migration, deportation and outsourcing, intraregional displacements, the role of social media and the representations of human mobility in performance, film and literature.

Essays include the use an intersectional approach to demonstrate the complexity of the migration experience. The book opens in a dialogue between humanities and social science scholars on the migratory processes of the region.

Dr. Sarmiento has donated a signed copy of the book to Reed Library.

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