Essays by Michael Markham published in The Los Angeles Review of Books

Monday October 28, 2013Christine Davis Mantai

Michael Markham, professor of Musicology of the School of Music, had two essays published in the literary review of The Los Angeles Review of Books this month. Both of his essays are meant for wide readership and are available on the L.A. Review website.

In the article, "Vivaldi Unbound," published Oct. 16, Markham writes about "remixing" in classical music. His discussion ranges from Vivaldi and Beethoven to Kanye West and contemporary composers.

"Deep Bach, Saint Mahler, and the Death Chaconne," the second article, was published Oct. 26. In it, Markham writes about musical mythologies and the changing meaning of J.S. Bach's famous "Chaconne" for solo violin.

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